How To Clean Copper Naturally

How to clean copper naturally.

Cleaning copper naturally is a lot easier and cheaper than you think. This method works with all kinds of copper, but I particularly like it for cookware because all the ingredients are edible and there are no chemicals or artificial ingredients involved.

The materials needed are:

Fresh lemons or limes,
Table salt

Depending on the size and the amount of copper you need to clean, you may need more than one lemon. You can start with one lemon, cut into half or wedges.
I use half a lemon for the large surfaces and quarters or eights for the “nooks and crannies” i.e. the area near the handles, the rivets, etc.

Place about a quarter cup of salt in a shallow bowl

Dip the cut lime or lemon in the salt and start rubbing the copper until it starts to change color. Continue rubbing and dipping. When the surface of the lemon is not as effective, cut a slice so you get more fresh surface and dip in the salt again.

After your pot is clean you can wash it with dish soap and warm water and buff with a towel.

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