The Benefits of Olive Oil

I admit I am an olive oil junkie. Yes, I love it and I put it in just about everything except desert. I like it so much that I keep a small olive of EVOO in my car, just in case. For instance, if I go to McDonalds or Pollo Tropical or another fast food restaurant and order a salad, I will bring the bottle of olive oil from my car and pour it all over it instead of their salad dressing. I just like it better.

I sprinkle it on mashed potatoes instead of butter, spray it on popcorn, add some drops to soups, beans, vegetables, salads; dip my bread in it, stir fry with it, fry eggs, make omelets  with it, add it to mayonnaise when making tuna,egg or chicken salad… the list goes on and on.. (did I mention pasta?)

So when I found a real good bargain at BJ’s last week, I went for it. A bottle of Crapelli extra virgin first cold pressing organic olive oil for not a lot of money! Needless to say I bought several bottles of the good stuff.

And good stuff it is. Legend has it that Homer called olive oil “liquid gold.” In ancient Greece, athletes ritually rubbed it all over their bodies. Olive oil has been more than mere food to the peoples of the Mediterranean: it has been medicinal, magical, an endless source of fascination and wonder and the fountain of great wealth and power. Okay, I must have been a Mediterranean in a past life. Or perhaps it is in my genes since I am a descendant of Mediterranean people. At any rate, olive oil is one of those things I can have every day, all the time and if I don’t have it, I miss it greatly.

Did you know that olive oil has been used for religious rituals, medicines, as a fuel in oil lamps, soap-making, and skin care application? My favorite soap is Le Chat, a French soap you can get at the supermarket in France often made with olive oil. The extract of olive leaves has antibiotic qualities. Believe it or not if you have a mild infection, you can take olive leaf pills or extract and cure yourself the natural way. In addition, clinical evidence has proven the blood pressure lowering effects of olive leaf extracts.

And what about the olive’s antioxidant qualities?  A liquid extract made directly from fresh olive leaves recently gained international attention when it was shown to have an antioxidant capacity almost double green tea extract and 400% higher than vitamin C.

When it comes to olive oil here are some basics:

  • Good olive oil is extra virgin
  • The better olive oil is extra virgin first cold pressing
  • and the BEST olive oil is organic extra virgin first cold pressing

As far as the origin or “provenance” as the French like to call it, it is a matter of taste. I personally don’t care if the oil is from Spain, Tunisia, Italy, California or the south of France, as long as it is first cold pressing. It all tastes good to me. If you want my opinion as to what my favorites are, I would say Spain, California, Tunisia,  in that order but to me it ALL tastes good.

So if you haven’t done it yet, treat yourself to some extra virgin olive oil. I DOES taste good!

To your health,


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