How to Save Money When Buying Cookware

As with everything, all of us want to get the best value for our purchases, and when it comes to cookware, we want to get the best cookware for the lowest price possible.

First you need to determine what kind of material you are going to settle with. I perfer 3 to 5 ply stainless steel for the bulk of my cookware, at least one good enameled cast iron dutch oven and one or two nonstick frying pans.

Some people prefer all nonstick and one of the best brands of nonstick cookware is Calphalon.

Here are some tips to save money:

Shop online. Shopping online allows you to save money and time. Read the reviews carefully and decide if this is the type of cookware you want for your cooking needs.

Buy a set. There is a big difference of opinion on whether buying a set if more economical than buying the pieces separately. America’s Test Kitchens (the popular PBS show) has repeatedly “opined” that buying a cookware set is a waste of money because most cooks do not use all the pieces included in the set. In my view, a modest 9 piece set, will have most of the cookware I need to get started in the kitchen. I do agree that large cookware sets might be a little wastefull because they have too many frying pans. I would stick to a 9 piece set unless you are sure that you will be using all of the pieces in a let’s say 11 piece set.

Shop around. Shoping online is not enough. Look for bargains. For instance, the merchants we endorse on this website, mainly and offer free shipping in many cases. always offers free shipping. That is a big plus. Not to mention that you may not be charged a sales tax. This s a huge savings all on its own.

For extensive reviews on the best cookware, navigate or search our website. We do independent unbiased reviews and we also welcome other buyers opinions.

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