Hard Anodized Aluminum Cookware

Features of Anodized Cookware:

  • Highly conductive sears foods quickly
  • Durable, resistant to scratches and dents
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Most sets have nonstick interiors
  • Compatible with gas, electric, and ceramic top stoves

Where to Buy:

Originally created for commercial chefs, hard anodized aluminum cookware is twice as hard as stainless steel and is the #1 selling material used in cookware.

“Anodizing” is a process that makes aluminum stronger and more durable and that is why is such a popular material for making high-end cookware such as frying pans and pots. Because of this process, it bears no resemblance to silver-colored aluminum most people think of when they think aluminum cookware.

Anodized aluminum is not indestructible, however, highly acidic food or harsh detergents can wear away the surface over time.  This is why it is not dishwasher safe although many cooks don’t think twice before putting their pots in the dishwasher. We recommend washing by hand. Anodized aluminum will discolorate with continuous dishwashing and it is not recommended by the manufacturers. Hard anodized aluminum is also less reactive with acidic foods than the non-anodized aluminum.

This is an extremely durable and versatile material for the everyday cook who is looking for quality cookware without breaking the bank.

Hard anodized aluminum cookware,  comes coated with a nonstick surface, or non-coated. The most durable of the two will be the non-coated and this is the type of cookware used by many restaurants. Few home chefs take to this non-coated material since there are so many other attractive options, such as stainless steel, cast iron, etc.

What we like:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable (resists scratches and dents)
  • Medium priced
  • Compatible with gas, electric, ceramic stovetops; safe in oven and broiler
  • Affordable

What we don’t like:

  • Must wash by hand
  • Pans are dark so it is hard to see inside and judge proper browning
  • Frying pans may have heavy handles and sometimes they tip over when empty
  • Somewhat reactive to acidic foods although a lot less than non-anodized aluminum
  • Some brands are not compatible with induction cooktops

While a seasoned cook may prefer stainless steel,  anodized may be the choice of beginners  and, for the most part, anodized aluminum will provide a good cooking surface.

In our opinion, the best application for this excellent heat conducting, thick gauge aluminum is in the form of nonstick cookware.


BEST: Commercial Hard-Anodized Cookware Set by Calphalon


Product Features

  • Heavy-gauge, highly conductive Calphalon  Anodized sears food quickly and evenly.
  • Infused with an advanced release polymer, the Calphalon One cooking surface not only sears food perfectly – it also lets you control when foods release from the bottom of the pan.
  • Hot, soapy water and a dish cloth –that’s generally all you need to keep Calphalon One sparkling clean. The infused anodized cooking surface releases food as easily during clean-up as it does while you cook.
  • Deglazes beautifully
  • Handles stay comfortably cool during stovetop cooking
  • Safe for Use on Gas, Electric, Electric Rings, Halogen, Glass Ceramic Cooktops.
  • 9 Piece cookware set
  • Material of cookware pieces: heavy-gauge infused anodized aluminum
  • Surface IS NOT nonstick
  • Material of lids: brushed stainless steel
  • Material of handles: cast stainless steel
  • Oven safe
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Recommended utensils: nylon or wood
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Where to Buy

  • Wayfair  (13 piece cookware set)

VERY GOOD: Circulon Infinite 10 Piece Cookware Set


  • Stainless steel lids
  • Stainless steel stay cool handles
  • Oven safe
  • Nonstick inside and outside
  • Compatible with induction cooktops


Good for the money

We prefer the “Infinite” lines because of its snug-fitting  stainless-steel handles,  and nonstick surfaces inside and out.

Where to Buy

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  1. Leila Tassano
    Posted August 15, 2015 at 10:25 PM | Permalink

    I have a set of circulon gourmet hard-anodized cookware, pots and pans. I went on vacation and my husband gave my pans away because he said his food always sticks and he can’t clean them. I am very angry because he didn’t tell me and he didn’t bother to ask the company why. Do people have this problem. He went to Cosco and purchased some Tramontina porcelain enamel pans, 10in, 12in and a 8 inch one. Nothing that I can do now but he says the new ones clean very well. Is their a reason he had a problem or something he didn’t do. We read how to clean them. I had some problems too. We bought them because we have a new black cooktop which required this type of cookware.

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